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Applications available through RAP
  • Applications not listed are currently not available on the RAP.
  • The intention is to make as many applications available on the RAP server as possible.  However, some applications are not designed to run over remote access or there may be licensing issues.
  • If you require an application to be added please contact the ICT Support Centre and we will investigate whether it can be made available. For technical reasons certain applications will not work on RAP e.g. CareFirst 6 and Beeline.

Newham Remote Access Portal

Applications Available from "Your Desktop"
through RAP

Application Name Version Available from "Your Desktop"
Through RAP
Application Description
7-Zip 465     Yes Compression and encryption software.
AccessRuntime 97      Yes Used to view and run  Microsoft Access  97 databases
AccessRuntime 2003    Yes Used to run Access 2003 MDB files.
AcrobatReader 811     Yes Adobe is used to view Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files.
AcrobatReader 813     Yes Required to open PDF files.
ACT 6       No ACT
ActiveSynch 45      No Used for transferring and synchronising email and files between mobile/pda and pc.
ActuateReporting 8       Yes Used to view reports created in Carefirst.
Admin Databse   No  
AgentRansack 173     Yes File search tool. Can search within files (XP only does certain file types by default).
AIMS 261     No Aims is also knows as MIS2 or Anite Debtors and is used by most finance sections
Aimsadmin 261     No AIMS admin and Test configuration.
ALLPAY 1       Yes  
AllpayWeb 1       No AllpayWeb ( is used by Contact Centre
AMS 6       Yes Asbestos Management System used by Newham Asbestos team.
AMSReportGenerator 6       No AMS Report Generator is used by corporate AMS users (Asbestos team)
Approved Contractor list   No  
ARC CONSOLE 414     Yes Switchboard Console used at the Contact Centre (Only Switchboard Agents)
ARCConnectOperator 4       Yes Used to manage calls.
ARCConnectSupervisor 41      Yes Used to obtain statistics on phone calls.
ArcGIS 9       No Geographic Information System modeling and mapping software and technology.
ArcGIS_Explorer 5       No Free version of the Full ArcGIS. ArcGIS Explorer gives you the power to create your own maps, analyze them, and share the results with anyone on the Web. 
AreteApplications all Yes This included 4 applications such as AreteAddressMatch, AreteFastEntrySoftware, AreteGISAddressConverter and AreteSchoolDataLoader
Astrow 2296    No Time recording system used mainly by Housing (Newham Homes)  and Culture & Community
Autocad 2008    No Used to view / create Autocad drawings
AutoCAD 2002    No Used for designing infrastructure
AutoIt 3       Yes Used to automate computer related tasks via scripting
Balanced Scorecard   No  
Blue Pumpkin 611     Yes Blue Pumpkin Client is used to schedulle Contact Centre Agent's break time/start time etc..
BridgeStation 227     Yes  
BrowseAloud 5       No Browsealoud reads web pages  that are BrowseAloud enabled for people who find it difficult to read online.
Business Object Trent   No  
Business Objects 11   No  
Business Rates 3       No Business Rates or Host Access
Business_Object_DataWareHouse 519     Yes Used to connect to Datawarehouse SQL database
BusinessObject_Full_CYPSadults 519     Yes Business Objects used by Policy and Performance
BusinessObjectISYS 519     Yes Used by ISYS team.
BusinessObjects 519     Yes Business Objects Infoview, Is used to access Business Objects universes held on the Carefirst server (CARE) and ISYS Houlive. 
BusinessObjectsEnterprise 6       Yes BusinessObjects Enterpriser 6 Full version.
BVPI0809 July   No  
CADwizzMAX 3       Yes Used to view AutoCAD drawings.
CAMIS 24      Yes Used for Capital Asset management.
CapitaTeachersPensions 1       Yes  
Captivate 1       No Used to record on screen actions for trainning
Carefirst 5       Yes Carefirst is used by Social Serivces 
CareFirst 6       Yes Carefirst is used by Social Serivces 
CashiersGiroLive     Used by cashiers in regard to giros
CashiersGiroLive   Yes  
CashTransferGiro 6       Yes Used for transferring giros.
CCH Vol3Apr09 No  
Cel_Instruments   Yes  
CHASE 361     Yes Application that ensures Health and Safety issues are dealt with according to ISO. Backend is an Access database.
CheqRec 22      Yes The system processes details of Cheques issued by LBN systems supplied on Interface/Feeder files.
CiberISA 1       Yes Software solution for implementing the Child Index as detailed in the Children Act 2004.
CIM 261     No Also know as Debtors (Anite admin console also installed)
CinergicSystem 1       Yes Cinergic used by Parking staff and Local Service Centre
Cisco IPCC 71      Yes This enables to manage IP Phones.  This has 2 components Jagent and Jsupervisor Softphone
Cisco IPCC 727     Yes Cisco IPCC 7.27
CiscoAttendantConsoleClient 1       Yes Used
CiscoWebviewReport   Yes  
CitizenshipDatabase   No  
Citrix 11      Yes Created for Citrix app Access
Committee Database 1       Yes This database is used by Mayors & Members Office, it requires Access97 Runtime
Compact   No  
Confirm 6       No  
Cosurv 24      Yes Communicable Disease Reporting Database (Cosurv or Dist24)
CreativeSuite 3       No Unified design enviroment that combines the full versions of  (1) Adobe Photoshop CS3 (2) Illustrator CS3 (3) Adobe InDesign CS3 (4) Adobe Bridge CS3 which is a  next-generation File Browser.
Crimson Editor 370     Yes Scriping editor for programming licences.
Crystal Report 10      No Crystal Report Developer
Crystal Reports 85      Yes Design interactive reports and connect  to virtually any data source. The reports allow on-report sorting and filtering
Crystal_Report Pervasive 8       Yes Seagate Crystal Reports 8
CrystalReports 11      Yes  
CrystalReportViewer 10      No  
Cview 5       Yes Cview used Crystal Reports
DataMap 1       Yes Database used by CYPS
DebtorsAgeReports 1       Yes Used to View Age debt and Age credit reports
Download Database   No  
Dreamweaver 8       No Dynamic web page\ site designer
DreamweaverMX 2004    No Dynamic web page\ site designer
DWGTrueView 2007    No DWG True View is used to view files created in AutoCad.
DWGTrueView 2009    No  
ElmhurstSap 2005    No Used by R & D Building Control
Email Records   No  
EmailAddressBook   No  
EMS 328     Yes EMS 3.28 is also known as ONE used mostly by Education Users
Env-Hotline 26      Yes Hotline requires Oracle8. Report Module is included with Access 97 Runtime
EPAS 281     Yes Used by Research and Information (Credon Centre)
Equator 5       No This application used for Clock in System
eRoom 1       Yes Web based Application
Estateman 1       No Commercial Rent system
Eureka 71      Yes  
EYS_SystemManager   Yes
FinancialDirector CashControl Yes Financial Director to Connect to Bank
FireFox 306     Yes FireFox is required by Networks to perform CISCO phone works
Flare all Yes This application used by Crime and Antisocial Behavior
Flash Player 10      Yes Flash player 7.5 is a secondary application for Internet Explorer
Floodmap 2       Yes Used by Planning
FMS 1       Yes Used to access FMS (Masterpiece 3) system.
FrontPage 2003    Yes Used to create and view Microsoft FrontPage documents
General Queries   No  
GGP 3       Yes GGP is used by Environment & Culture and Community Dep
GoogleSketchup 6       Yes Used to Create 3D drawings
HRFlexi   Yes  
HrManagementInfo   Yes  
HummingBirdBI 851     Yes Humming bird used to access Impulse database.
Iclipse 440     Yes Iclipse also known as DIP(Doucument Imaging Process)
ICT-CrossCharge   Yes  
IKENCourtBundling 336     No Automates the indexing, sectioning and pagination of documents. Used by Legal team
Illustrator 10      Yes Illustrator used for Design works
Impulse 608169  Yes Impulse Live, Impulse Test
IMS 1       No Access to IMS via IE with Citrix client.
InstantAtlas 5       Yes InstantAtlas desktop tool for NIMS
Internet Explorer 6       Yes Internet Explorer is a primary application for add-ins like Flash player, Quicktime player
ISYS 5       Yes ISYS HOULIVE used in Housing & Council Tax, requires Oracle9i
java 67      Yes Java is used as a secondary application for IE
JCAD_LACHS 4       Yes Used by Finance Insurance section for Insurance claims
JCADRISK_Client   Yes  
KEYPAS 384     Yes Used by Research and Information (Credon Centre)
LinSig 2480    No A computer software package for the assessment and design of traffic signal junctions either individually or as a network comprised of a number of junctions.
LPOP All Yes LPOP used by Finance team
MapInfo 9       No Used for mapping and geographic analysis, analyse data patterns and trends.
MapX 5       Yes Used for mapping and geographic analysis, analyse data patterns and trends.
MARCHpms 3p04 Yes UK Pavement management System.
Mayrise 16      Yes This application used by Public Realm (Waste management only)
Mayrise_Str_Lig_Gre 16      No This application used by Public Realm including Greenspace, Lighting & Streetworks live.
MayriseGreenspaceTest 1671    Yes  
MayriseHighwys 518     Yes Mayrise - Highways Live and Test Module
Microsoft Access 97      Yes Full Version. Microsoft Access is used to view / edit access databases.
Microsoft Firewall Client ISA2004 2004    Yes Microsoft Firewall Client ISA2004
MIS2Reports   Yes 19-Jan-09
Monarch 405     No Business intelligence and reporting tool. mines data from existing text-based, PDF or XPS reports. It also lets you access and analyze data from database files, spreadsheets, ODBC sources, delimited text, and HTML files.
Monarch  Pro 7       Yes A Windows-based business intelligence and reporting tool. Monarch Pro mines data from existing text-based, PDF or XPS reports. It also lets you access and analyze data from database files, spreadsheets, ODBC sources, delimited text, and HTML files.
MP2   No 22-Jan-09
MPS_GL_Reports 1       Yes GL Reports used by Jill Dawkin
NBS Engineering Services 4       Yes Used for
NEAM_PSTImporter 4       Yes  
NewFleet 1       Yes  
NewhamFileSplitter 1       Yes Newham File Splitter used by CareFirst Team to split schools data in DAT files
NewsFlashConnect 1       Yes This is only a web site needs Acrobat reader.  No documentation needed as Acrobat reader installation documentation followed and IE home page set to http://intranet/newsflashconnect.  Shortcut only for IE.
NNDR_Iclipse_Load 1       Yes Used for NNDE Iclipse Upload
NNDRIF99   No Interface between key business rate applications and other software
OccupationalHealth   Yes  
OccupationalHealth   Yes  
OfficePro 97      Yes Only Access 97 is published although other components can be made available  Used to view / edit / create Office 97 suite documents.
OfficePro 2003    Yes Used to View / Edit Microsoft Office 2003 documents
Oracle 9i Yes Oracle 9i is a secondary application to primary applications like AIMS, ISYS
Oracle 10g Yes Oracle 10g is a secondary application to primary applications like EMS, etc
OrgPlus 6       Yes OrgPlus 6 is used to view and create organization charts
PaintshopPro 11      Yes Used to edit and manipulate images
ParisCounterReceipting 113     Yes This is used to be used for Cash collection by Cashiers.
ParisIncomeManagement 113     Yes This is used to administer Paris cash control and receipting.
ParisWeb 1       No Access to Paris Web (Payment and Revenue Information System )
ParkMap 1       Yes ParkMan
PATMAN   Yes  
Payments 97   Yes  
Payments 97 Old   No  
Payments 97 Test-DEV   No  
PaySlipPrint 1       Yes This is used to print Pay Slips
People Manager 1       Yes People Manager is Web system used most departments to view HR  Employee records. i.e. Sickness/Holiday etc  
Pericles 1       Yes Pericles
Periodic Payments 97   Yes  
PhotoShop 7       Yes This application used various users in the borough. Mainly by Housing Benefit users.  The application published without any extention.
Premise 4       No  
Profess4 552     Yes Profess is server end application used in Puplic Realm Service.
Project 2003    Yes Software used to assist in managing projects.
Protos 7       Yes Used to model and manage  process flows.
PSTM_RRInfinity   Yes PSTM & RRInfinity
PTC_Desktop 5211    Yes PTC provides automatic task management and scheduling.
puTTy 06      Yes PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Win32 and Unix platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator.
QuarkExpress 41      Yes Quark Express is used by Members Services.
QuickBenefitsCalculator 1105    Yes The Quick Benefits Calculator enables experienced advisors to calculate entitlement to means tested social security benefits.
QuickCreatePro 2       Yes Used by Finance team
QuickTime Player 75      No QuickTime player 7.5 is a secondary application for Internet Explorer
RealPlayer 11      Yes Video player software
RedeploymentSystem   No  
Reporta_XL 1       Yes Used by Payments Section
ReportWriter 9       Yes This is a 2 User license product used by Steve Hayes.  Used for writing reports for CAMIS
Respond 366     Yes This is used by Customer Relationship Team
RMS 6105    Yes RMS used by ICT to log Incident and problems calls and Change management
RMS 64      Yes RMS 6.4
ROConn 7611    Yes Provides a connection to the rent office server and allows access to rent information. The virtualised app provides a shortcut to the application on the server.
SASPAC 9       Yes Used to analyse census of population data
Screen_Grabber 112     Yes Screen grabber used by finance team to capture screens in Income Management system and print
SEVENZip 1       Yes Compresses\ Uncompresses files
Shockwave Player 11      Yes Shockwave Player 11 is a secondary application for Internet Explorer
Sickness Database   No  
SilverLight Player 1       Yes SilverLight Player is a secondary application for Internet Explorer
SIMS 1       Yes SIMS
SmartDraw 6       No Business drawing package
Snagit 9       No Used to capture snapshots of the desktop
SnapSurveys 9       Yes Used to Create Surveys
Solpak 3       Yes Solpak is a Legal Software used in Legal Dept
SPSS 14      No SPSS provides solutions that solve specific business problems, enabling organizations
SQL_Management_Studio 2005    Yes SQL Server 2005 Management Studio with SP2
SSRS 2005    No Used by EBAS team (P&P) also known as SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio & BIDS.
Staff Databse   No  
StarkEssentials 1       Yes Externally supplied database application used to monitor energy bills at various LBN buildings.
StarkEssentials 40d Yes Used to monitor Energy usage and cost by different LBN buildings
Strand 3       Yes  
Sunrise_Help_Desk 50      Yes Surise used by Eduction Creadon Centre
SVGViewer 3       No DSC with IE
SwitchboardDirectory   No  
Texbox 152     Yes Texbox is Minicom web version used to communicate with Deaf customers
Textpad 473     Yes A text editor for Windows operating system.
Toad 7       Yes Test
Toad 9       Yes  
TOADdataAnalysts 2       Yes Used by only three users within Extended Services. 
Trent 65      Yes This application used by HR. This need to be DSC with Oracle9i.
TrentTest 65      Yes Trent Test Connection
Tribal_ICHIS 1       Yes Tribal ICHIS
Uniform 75      Yes  
Visio 2003    Yes Used to create various types of diagrams.
VisioViewer 2003    Yes Used to View Microsoft Visio files
VisualStudio 2005    Yes Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
VLC 1       No  
WinChartStd 3       Yes Used by Customer Access (CAS) to produce charts.
WindowsJournalViewer 15      No Used to view Windows journal notes
Wordnet 30770   Yes Wordnet Is the phone recording system used in the Contact Centre to record incoming calls.
Workers97   No  
Workplace   No  
YOIS 1       Yes Youth Offending Teams database.

Application will not start. Error message says "The application Virtualization Client could not launch Application. You are not authorized to access this resource."
  • Permission needs to be granted by ICT. Please call the Support Centre on 0108 430 4444, or 46500 if you are calling internally.

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