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We recommend that staff store an electronic copy of this document in a place where it can be accessed if unable to connect to the Newham UAG RAP Portal. This has been agreed with the LBN ICT Security Officer as no confidential information is included.


I can’t access the UAG LBN Remote Access Portal (RAP) – Common Reasons


First Time using the UAG RAP Portal


1.       To access the Newham Portal you must have live Internet connection. Please check if you can access and click on any link on the page.


2.       If this is the first time you have tried to work from home through RAP you must read the instructions below. This includes information on installing components required on your PC to access RAP.


                    Link to RAP System Requirements and Usage Documentation


3.       Operating Systems Windows 7 64 bit and Vista 64 bit are now compatible with the UAG RAP Portal. Full system requirements information can be found on the link above.


4.       Always use Internet Explorer, which must be running at a minimum of Internet Explorer 8.

Please do not use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or Safari Browser.


Note:    Ensure you test your RAP connection at least a day in advance before working from home.


Those using council Laptops should find the RAP software pre-installed without using the above instructions (Although you may be required to go through some of the later installation steps and also to setup the laptop on your home internet connection).


Logged into ‘LBN Desktop’ for the First Time


1.       Mapped Drives, PST’s and Favourites will all be missing on your first login. To reinstate these click on:


·         Start

·         Expand ICT Self Service then I’ve lost my

·         Select Drive Mappings, E-mail archive folders (PSTs) and Favourites as required.


Used RAP before


1.       Check you can access another website, try


2.       Should you not be able to access the BBC or any other website, restart your computer and re-try.


3.       Still unable to access, check your router box for unusual error or warning lights or indications.


If you suspect that your router has a problem.


·         Check all of the cables are plugged into the router properly.

·         Turn off your computer

·         Restart your router by turning it off for a few minutes and then back on

·         Wait until all of the router lights come back on, this may take up to 10 minutes.

·         Turn your computer back on and try the RAP Portal again


If this does not resolve your connection issue.


·         Read through any paperwork that came with the router to see if they have a trouble shooting guide.

·         Call your internet provider.





I can’t access ‘LBN Desktop’


Used RAP and ‘LBN Desktop’ before


  1. Have you tried adding LBN\ before your name when entering your user id e.g. – LBN\fredbloggs


  1. Check the site is still in your list of Trusted Sites.


  1. If after selecting the "LBN Desktop" option you get a log on screen that says ts2008\ followed by your username, click on Switch User or Other User. In the Username box type LBN\ followed by your LBN domain username. Type your LBN password in the Password box. Depending on your computer another blue logon screen may come up. Click on the large icon that has your LBN\Username under it and type in your LBN password again.


  1. You receive a ‘Authentication Error’ e.g. One of the Terminal Servers in the Farm has an issue; click OK and Close as required and try to access ‘LBN Desktop’ again this could take 2 or 3 attempts.


I can’t see email attachments or my Archive Folders in OWA on the Portal page


  1. OWA is a WEB client which works with an internet browser. OWA allows you to check your emails from home or on a computer that does not have Outlook installed.

Many of the capabilities of Outlook in the office are present in OWA but since it’s a lighter version of Outlook, you will notice some minor differences.

These differences are that you will not be able to view multiple calendars.  No attachment preview is supported due to security reasons. The remaining differences are below:


·         OWA does not support working offline. 

·         Access to other people's email accounts is not supported and recovering deleted items is not provided.

·         Your archive will not be available


  1. To gain the full Outlook experience, open your email after accessing “LBN Desktop”.


Contacting the ICT Support Centre


  1. The Support Centre will only provide assistance to staff that have tried all of the above steps before calling.


  1. Please ensure you are at home when you call; ICT will be unable to help if you are not at the actual PC.


  1. Before calling for assistance with a non Newham PC, please ensure you have connected to Team Viewer by following the steps below; this is a free tool that will enable support staff to remote access your computer.


If you can log into the UAG RAP Portal.


·         Click on the Newham “Live, Work and Stay” banner at the top of the RAP Portal page

·         Click on Run when prompted to install (may be prompted twice)

·         Wait a few moments

·         Provide the ID and Password numbers that appear to the support staff.


If you cannot log into the UAG RAP Portal.


·         Click on the Remote Access Portal picture in the middle of the screen at

·         Click on Run when prompted to install (may be prompted twice)

·         Wait a few moments

·         Provide the ID and Password numbers that appear to the support staff.


Further Questions - See the RAP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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